Performance marketing
for small business

  • We bring new customers to you
  • Big business quality, small business pricing
  • No contracts: pay only for what you use

Starting at just $49

Build your campaigns on all major platforms. Try us for $49.

Full transparency

No subscriptions, no contracts, no BS.

Set your own budget

Choose what you want to spend — no minimums. Scale up when ready.

Included in $49 trial

  • 2 strategy sessions with experts
  • Funnel design across channels
  • Documentation
  • Step-by-step implementation instructions
$49 one-time fee

All major advertising platforms

We get you up and running on all major digital advertising platforms. And some offline too.


Generate demand with videos, lead forms, shopping, remarketing


Capture demand with search advertising and display ads


Educate your customers and remarket with video ads


Build demand-generating campaigns and showcase your products


Reach business customers and remarket like a pro


Search ads + Oath/AOL/Verizon


Promote your products and boost online sales


Convert customer interest into sales

And many others

Yelp, Twitter, Criteo, banner networks, push, emailing, etc.

How it works

  1. Sign up for the trial

    Start by creating an account. Eligible customers will be offered a $49 trial, which includes two strategy sessions with digital marketing experts, funnel design, documentation and step-by-step implementation instructions specific to your business.

  2. Schedule your first strategy session with an expert

    During this session we will get to know you and your goals, answer any questions and take care of technical stuff: account access, tracking, etc.

  3. Analysis

    We analyze your business, ads, website, user engagement KPIs, and create a list of marketing instruments that will be the best fit.

  4. We write a marketing strategy for you

    This includes funnel logic for each platform, audiences to target, tracking codes to install, and a lot more.

  5. Second strategy session

    We present the strategy to you, explain next steps, answer any questions.

  6. Implementation

    We build and run the campaigns for you, or you can save money by running them using our instructions.

  7. Scaling up

    After making sure that your ads are working, you can start scaling, and we can help you grow your business.

Try us for $49


What exactly is included?

Everything you need to build successfull marketing campaigns. At the end of the trial you will have a documented strategy, funnel logic and implementation instructions.

What happens after the trial?

You can run your campaigns following our step-by-step implementation plan, or we can build and run them for you.

Will it work for my business?

We have proven solutions for many types of businesses, but we understand that every company is unique. We built this offer so everyone could try our services with minimal risk and no commitments or long-term contracts.

What if I’m just starting out?

Even better! We can help you build your campaigns from scratch.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the trial?

Most small businesses are eligible. Create an account to find out.

Is it only for small businesses?

Yes and no. The trial is for small businesses only, but we love to work with bigger companies too. Check out our main website for details.

How do you make money on $49?

We don’t. We are losing money on the trial. But after seeing our work many customers decide to trust us with running their marketing, so it’s worth it.

How long does a typical project take?

Typically 2–3 weeks. It depends on how much analytics data you already have and on your availability.

I’m not ready to start advertising yet. Will the trial price be the same in 2 months?

We don’t know.

Who is “Omnichannel”?

We are a consulting agency with HQ in Santa Monica, California and employees all over US.