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Omnichannel is a group of experts on eCommerce, retail and marketing. We help retail companies find a vector of growth, develop an extensive strategy focusing on P&L, create documentation and implement changes.

1. About

If you plan to build a large online store, integrate offline and online marketing, create a loyalty program that works or start selling globally, send us a message: we will help you make it more effectively and save money.

Hands-on professionals in digital commerce and multi-channel retail. Can’t recommend enough.

Alexander Bugrov
Commercial Director, Mascotte

2. Solutions

We focus only on what we know best: retail and eCommerce. You save about 50% of change implementation costs with us due to speed, expertise and detailed project planning. Recommendations are always specific and battle-tested.

Omnichannel Retail

Integrating sales channels: retail, online, mobile, call center. Pickups and reserves in stores, integrated loyalty program and customer database, seamless customer experience, personalized product offerings, retail commission structure, measuring and using lifetime customer value across channels, integrated discount calculation. Our clients report that 70% of revenue during peak periods comes from the loyalty program; up to 60% of online orders are “pickup in store”.

  • Loyalty program
  • Logistics
  • Pick up in store
  • Store reservations
  • Signups from offline to online
  • Personalization
  • IT infrastructure
  • Financial incentives
  • KPIs
  • Using bonuses and discounts
  • Integrated discount calculation
  • Omnichannel payments
  • Returns
  • Gift cards
  • Assortment planning
  • Same-day delivery

Next level in eCommerce

Creating and growing retail online stores. Managing strategy, marketing, digital advertising, sales, logistics, customer support, development and analytics. Leading online stores to consistent growth and profit.

  • Financial model
  • Traffic acquisition
  • Retention
  • LTV
  • Payment systems & fraud
  • Processes
  • Logistics
  • Customer support
  • CRM
  • Product presentation
  • Personalization
  • SEO, SEM
  • UX, UI
  • Design across channels
  • Development and integration

Going global

Bringing online stores to international market. Launching and promoting multi-language online stores according to local cultural and legal needs. Building processes to work with customs and speeding up deliveries. Selling branded products on dozens of marketplaces. Working with compliance and privacy rules.

  • Launching global websites
  • Traffic acquisition
  • Building a customer base
  • Localization
  • Legal support
  • International logistics
  • Integrations
  • Payment systems and currencies
  • Fraud
  • Tax calculation
  • Returning products
  • IT security
  • Multi-language communication
  • Marketplaces

Communication with customers

Developing standards for building and working with a customer base. Communication strategy, email templates and delivery systems, triggers, editorial standards, personalization, analytics, integration with external advertising channels, website integrations, setting up push notifications for web and mobile.

  • Building a customer base
  • Segmenting
  • Template design and development
  • Transactional emails and automation
  • Product personalization over email
  • Integrations
  • Privacy
  • Frequency and timing automation
  • Tracking customer actions
  • Push-notifications
  • Responsive newsletters
  • Getting into inbox, not spam folder
  • Analytics

3. Process

We sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), perform an audit, analyze current systems and processes, develop an extensive documentation of the next steps, help with implementation. This process takes about 6 weeks, implementation is usually several months.


  1. Signing NDA
  2. Preliminary analysis, determining the list of data needed for the project
  3. First round of interviews with key stakeholders, retrieving data and access to reports
  4. Analyzing KPI, retrieving missing data
  5. Second round of interviews
  6. Analyzing IT infrastructure and resources
  7. Developing a strategy, preparing implementation plans and documentation
  8. Presenting results to the client
  9. Delivering full project documentation
  10. Staff training as needed
  11. Managing implementation

4. Results

We believe that a successful project means achieving your goals and target KPIs. Additionally you get the following documentation: a detailed strategy, business processes and KPI specification, technical project documentation, implementation plan.

5. Pricing and guarantees

The project usually has a smaller fixed cost and a bigger variable cost that is payed only if we reach the project goals successfully. A major part of the cost is payed only when you get concrete results. This incentivizes us to find the most effective solutions for the client and implement them successfully.

We guarantee safety of proprietary information and sign an NDA before the start of the project. Our clients trust us with customer databases totaling 16 million records. If you have any questions about privacy and data safety, please send us an email.

6. How to start

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